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Importance of Hangers in our daily life

The clothes hangers was originally designed that make people to quickly access their clothes and to designate an area in their home to store their clothes. It has also been used to keep clothing dry or wrinkle-free. The first is the wire hanger, which is a simple wire loop, most often steel, [citation needed] flat triangular in shape, continuing on a hook at the top. A wooden hanger, which consists of a flat piece of wood cut into a boomerang-like shape, which is sanded to prevent wear and tear, and usually protrudes from a metal hook point.

Some wooden hanger has a round bar from tip to tip, forming a flat triangle. This bar is designed to hang pants that belong to the jacket. The third type and most commonly used plastic coat hangers in the world today are those that mostly mimic the shape of a wire or wooden hanger. Plastic coat hangers are also produced in small sizes to suit children’s clothing designs.

Cloth hangers

Hangers and its Importance in our daily life | Hangrover

The human shoulders are designed to facilitate the hanging of the clothes, jacket, shirt, in the manner that it prevents the wrinkles which contains the lower bar of hanging of trousers and the skirts. And also there is present the clamp for hanging of the trousers and the skirts. These features are combined in a single hanger. Some hangers have a clip along the bottom for suspending the skirts. Also some cloth hanger do not use the triangular shapes instead they use the rods with the clip. Nowadays foldable cloth hangers are designed which are used to place through the collar area, for the ease of use and to reduce the stretching. 

Plastic hanger

Plastic hangers are formed as an integrated one-piece assembly, usually by injection moulding. Due to the size and shape of the hanger, the mould cavity must be large so that only one or a few hangers are produced in a single mould during each running cycle. The production rate of such plastic hangers is low. It is desirable to provide a plastic hanger that overcomes the problems of previously designed plastic hanger, especially when applied to a surface that produces friction or to its parts.

This is also necessary to provide a plastic hanger that can be built at low cost and low cost, on small moulds and moulding machines and at a higher production rate than previous plastic hangers. It is also necessary to apply a plastic hanger with a friction-producing surface to its parts, which is produced with less waste and has such friction-producing surfaces at a lower cost than previously designed plastic hanger.

Wooden hanger

Hangers and its Importance in our daily life | Hangrover

As the name suggests the wooden hangers include several types of the woods for making it. Premium hardwood hangers work well for all the types of the garments, and it will have long life for it. You can spend less time in taking out the wrinkles which is a big problem in inferior hanger types. Wooden hanger, which consists of a flat piece of wood cut in the shape of a boomerang, which is sanded with sand to prevent wear, and usually a metal hook, protruding from the point. Some wooden hangers have a round bar from tip to tip, forming a flat triangle.

Garment hanger

Typically the garment hangers are the hangers which are used to hang the garments. There are many varieties of the garment hangers. The garment hangers on offer come in an attractive and soft wood construction finish and offer flawless consumer value. Finding use in homes and commercial spaces for clothing display purposes, these textile hangers provide for durable use. These hangers, which have a smooth surface finish, can also be customized as requested by the customer.

Scarf hangers

The simplest form of scarf decoration: a piece of cloth. For this reason, it is one of the most versatile textile accessories, used for centuries in a variety of cultures, for a wide variety of purposes. In Western culture, the scarf became very popular for use as a fashion accessory, gaining widespread popularity in the early 19th century. Scarf hangers are also available to hang.

Hanger manufacturers

Hangers and its Importance in our daily life | Hangrover

The methods used to make the hanger are also changing. Technologies change so does the way we look. People love different types of hanger. Everyone’s mentality is different so their expectations are also different. Some prefer wooden hangers and others need plastic hangers. Some require coloured hanger and others require specialized hangers. There are many hangers on the market for different multi-use. The need for each hanger is different. A plastic cloth hanger cannot be used to wear the foot. There are a variety of collections and combinations for all needs.

The hanger manufacturers use method of manufacturing the hangers include steps of the injection moulding, a hook portion, having the first and second diverging legs and a hollow tubular part. The tubular part which is hollow is bent at opposed ends, to have the first and the second shoulder rails that are inclined, which are joined by the integral horizontal rail.

Importance of hangers in daily life?

Hang magazines and newspapers on the hanger to save your space later. This is a great way to store reading materials in your bathroom, especially for those of you who need special comfort. For hanging the tissue papers. Cut out the centre of the plastic hanger to use as a super simple paper towel dispenser. Hang your paper towels from the tree while you camp or picnic in the park for easy access. 

In the modern age if people need to keep their clothes without any shrinks then hanger are the best choice for that. In restrooms, bathrooms, cupboard, and offices and in many public places the hangers can be used to hand many things according to their usage. Hanger play a major role in our daily lives. People need to know the uses of different hangers. Also, it helps us a lot to maintain our room. Hanger listen to human minds and act according to human desire in fitting clothes.

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