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How to stay fit in dressing with hangers?

Hanger classics offers an affordable luxury for your wardrobe with the widest selection of best quality clothing hangers. Choose the perfect hanger from any of our collections and sizes to pamper your clothes with gentle care and timeless style. To meet the diverse needs of the supporters, we offer these products in various sizes and shapes. We make products for wooden hangers, plastic hangers in Coimbatore and steel hangers. Hanger project is essential in Coimbatore.

hanger manufacturer in coimbatore

When it comes to hangers, one size fits all. Cheap hangers can dramatically take away from a custom suit by damaging the look and fit. Nicely crafted clothing deserves a high-quality hanger that secures and extends the life of your luxury suit. Kirby Ellison, founder of The Hanger Project, created a collection of clothing hangers designed for the end customer. Her work and collaboration with be spoke tailor and clothing side effects resulted in a construct hanger that would extend the life of beautiful clothing by taking care of her on the hanger.

Clothes really live and die on hangers because he spends most of his time there. Improper clothing care includes shoulder mounts, distorted collars and stretches. As a result, your clothes get distorted due to improper hanging.

That’s why here at the Hanger Project, we offer our hangers in four sizes. We know how complicated it is to fit your hangers properly. We also craft each luxury hanger in three variety finishes. traditional finish, which uses birch wood with nice cherry wood finish and brass hardware; Furniture with natural finish, chrome hardware made from quality maple wood; And finally, Alfred finished with satin, chrome hardware and black shoulder flocking. Over the last ten years,

Hanger Project has developed one of the most comprehensive and consistent collections of luxury garment hangers ever to exist. These very unique and exclusive hangers from the Wooden Hangers in Coimbatore will look good not only for the rest of your life, but also for the day you hang your clothes.

Hanger project-Cloth hanger

Trouser hangers

This trouser hanger was specially made to solve the problem of creased trousers which is caused by locking the trouser bar. Trousers bar that allows the trouser to be gently drape with no extra pressure to eliminate any unwanted creasing. The feel of the trousers and the friction of the actual fabric work incredibly to prevent the fabric from catching and hanging from the fabric. The strategic design of the Hanger Project Felt Trouser Bar Hanger, the typical locking trouser bar hangers offer, prevents embarrassing creasing in the mid-thigh. Cloth hanger dealers in Coimbatore available in three different finishes: a beautiful, high-gloss brown finish, a natural finish made from high quality Maplewood and finally our Alfred finish, which is European beach wood.

wooden hangers

Suits and jacket hangers

The suit and jacket hanger provides maximum support to the shoulders and keeps them looking natural. Our 2.5-inch shoulder blades are design to guarantee ideal fit and provide the necessary support to your wardrobe to hang well in the closet. Our luxury wooden suit and hanger suppliers in Coimbatore are available in four sizes to give us the most customizable fit. You are able to fully adjust the width of the hanger to match the wear. Properly fitted hangers extend all the way to the shoulder end without going into the sleeve yourself. Hanger project suits and jacket hangers mimic your body’s natural orientation from their contour. This maintains the shape of the jacket and prevents the collar from pulling.

Shirt and sweater hangers

Remove shoulder dimples and unwanted shoulder puck kings from custom-fitted shirts and sweater hangers designed specifically for soft-knit wear polo and golf shirts. The shoulder locking helps to hold and control the nits to help maintain its shape. These hangers are available in three beautiful variety  finishes. Hanger Manufacturer in Coimbatore provide best Hangers.

Accessory hangers

Supporting hangers make it easy to arrange ties, straps and scarves that fit easily into anyone’s closet and save space. These hangers are ready-made and made from high-quality Maplewood with an elegant finish. Each hanger is design to be compact and strategically tailor to your organizational needs.

Women’s suits and jacket hangers (profile A)

The women’s hanger collection is divide into three basic profiles. This depends on the amount of support these hangers provide to the clothing shoulder. Our profile includes hangers with 1 and 3/4 inch shoulder flares and really deep contours. This Polybag hanger dealers in coimbatore is especially for clothing with lots of textures in the shoulder or it is heavy. Stretch or lack of structure can cause shoulder strain. For that cause, blazers, jackets or heavy coats call for hangers with powerful shoulder support. This hanger is available without any attached hardware, fold trouser bars or delicate clips.

Sweater and blouse hangers (Profile B)

Here at the Hanger project, we understand that closet space is a main concern for many women, which is why we develop our Profile B hanger. It still offers contour profile and shoulder support but it is more efficient in the use of closet space. Any wear that needs support, but not cheerful support, will be nail to the profile B hanger. Garment hanger suppliers in Coimbatore again available in three types of hardware configuration.

Skinny profile hangers (profile C)

Profile Changers use a 0.4-inch thickness, which is as skinny as you can make a wooden hanger, which can still provide you as much clothing as possible in your closet while providing proper support. Again, this hanger has no hardware for using trouser bars, delicate clips for skirts and bottoms and only the top hanger.

Like men’s hangers, all hangers in the women’s runway collection are available in multiple sizes to ensure perfect fit. We have petite, 15-inch hangers and a standard, 17-inch hanger for a variety of body types. This allows you to adjust the width of your pendant so that it extends all the way to the shoulder without extending into the sleeve. Finally, our runway collection is also available in three different finishes. We have Traditional Finish (Birchwood with Cherry Wood Finish), Natural Finish (Maplewood) and Alfred Finish (Satin) hangers.

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