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The types of your cloth hangers are actually matters

You should have to give much thought to the type of Cloth hangers that you are using in your day to day life. Unless you work in the fashion store, retail clothing or any home organized business or company. There is always a chance to recall what about their features and types.

Why we are using hangers? Mainly cloth hanger? Did you ever thought about that? Mainly, cloth hangers are used to store our apparels in a best manner. Each day we gets more benefits by using such hanging things.

We only care about a hanger to hang. But there are vast varieties in the hanger store.

Each one is having different purposes. You might be wondered to learn that it does actually matter what type of cloth hanger you are using.

Clothe hangers are readily available and cheap rated

Cloth hangers are actually matters in our day to day life | Hangrover

Cloth hangers are very cheap and get quite considerations. They are easy to come by. One packet of clothe hangers really cost cheaper rate and it became the great deal of today. They do not have best quality but they are used for the very effective and important feature known hanging. We people easily gets wire hangers from dry cleaner store in each day when we give dresses for laundering. After it getting damaged we are throw off those hanger sets without any prior thinking. All hangers are having some functional capabilities. It is worth to pondering about the quality of each hanger and why the dry cleaners are giving them away all the time.

Shortcomings of using Plastic Cloth hangers

Every people throw off plastic cloth hangers at some point. They are cheap and easily come by. Plastic hanger is having several downsides. Let us discuss each.

  • They are weak, and having a shorter life.  
  • We can dispose it whenever we want or after its quality get expired.
  • Normally, they are not ideal for maintaining the structure of your garments.
  • It shorten the lifespan of your clothes by its poor structure.
  • By using such types of hangers it cause easy slippage in the clothes.
  • Many colours and styles in the plastic hanger sets results disorganized, mismatched closet look. It feels uneasy to categorize the wardrobe.

Hitches for using wire cloth hangers

  • Wire hangers and plastic cloth hangers both are having some similar downsides. The downsides includes,
  • The flexibility of the wire hanger reduces its lifespan, due to the flexibility it bends when weighted clothes are hang on this.
  • It does not provide garment shapes, thus the ideal long term storage is really shorter for such types.
  • It may get rust easily, so life of the clothes gets decreased.
  • Due to the flexible out structure it is more prone to clothes slipping off the hanger

Both plastic hanger and wire hangers are available at cheap rate. But when comes at the expenses of the best interests of your apparel.

Why wooden hangers are the best options?

Cloth hangers are actually matters in our day to day life | Hangrover

Velvet hangers are the one which is having additional benefits than plastic hangers, and wire hangers. But when comes with storage needs, wooden hangers are the best options. Here is the hidden truths behind wood material.

  • They are stronger and won’t get brittle soon.
  • They won’t bend thus it keeps the garment structure intact.
  • It last for longer life and having better future
  • The stronger design makes it better for winter coats, jackets and jeans.
  • It looks elegant and traditional than plastic and wire hanger
  • The special design like notches may keep the clothes with strap secured
  • Apparel don’t get slip off or it won’t affect by wrinkles and creases.

What about the designs of wooden hangers?

Not all wooden hangers are designed with similar shape and size. It is vary according to the usage. The rate of each wooden hangers are varying according to their size. The hanger for the adult is totally different than hanger for aged. The quality increases when the size increases.

When we buy a hanger both the wooden quality and the design also have to concern with. Logically, the hardened wood used by hanger manufacturers results better durability and strength. The metal head on the wooden hanger is effectively designed with modern technologies to prevent scratching. The strong shoulder side is smartly crafted to support jackets and shirts. Due to the stronger designs it supports heavier items of clothing. There is a secure notches to prevent clothes from falling off.

Enlarge the life of your garments with effective wooden hangers

The smartest way of design in the wooden hanger results more lifespan and provides an ideal storage solution for all the apparels.

You can save the time that you spend with ironing out all the creasy dresses.

High end clothing items always want to preserve, so choose and invest thousands of dollars to protect your investment. The highly cost hangers always keeps your dress’s lifespan longer than your expectations.

Makes the wardrobes classy with latest collections of wooden hangers

The vibrant colours form plastic hangers will not makes the wardrobe space and looks aesthetics. The bunch of wire hangers also makes a nondescript look in the closets. The hardened wood hangers enhances the classic touch of your wardrobe space. Cohesive touch always provided by traditional wooden hangers. The premium plastic hangers can’t able to finish that look in your wardrobes.

Limit the cloth hanger disorder
Cloth hangers are actually matters in our day to day life | Hangrover

Limits the cloth hanger clutters in an efficient way by saying “no thanks”. Hanger collections from the unending purchase of clothes results one more things that eventually have to contend with. You can avoid the non-uniformity in your wardrobe by simply saying no thanks to the salesperson or dry cleaners. They won’t mind with your opposition. The plastic hangers are recyclable. Check the municipality’s guidelines for recycling procedures and do the necessary.


The exact choice to preserve your clothes are wooden hangers. But all our plastic hangers are quality content and it won’t cause any physical damages to your clothes. We are offering plastic, Cloth hangers, wooden hangers, Poly bag hangers and all other types of hangers across Coimbatore, Tirupur and Karur. If you need any of hangers in the world, we will manufacture it according to the desire and concept of yours. Let’s continue our remaining Blogs with amicably. Keep supporting and Keep purchasing from our valuable stores.

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