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Cloth Hanger

The largest selection of cloth hanger is now you can buy from Hangrover, thetop manufacturer and seller in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Karur, Chennai, Bangalore, and Cochin. Usingthe advanced technologies we are fashioning the quality cloth hangers according to your desire.For manufacturing, we are using hardened plastics to last durability. Thus, you can pin multipleclothes on a single hanger.The cloth hanger is available for men, women, and children also. Forget about the crumples orcreases when you using plastic hangers from Hangrover.

These hangers are made a basis on thesize chart range 10” to 19”. In the cloth hanger set, we have two shades in the quality range. Wooden hangers and plastic hangers. Wooden hanger radiates the insight of quality, elegance and gives the user a warm, comfort, at-home feeling.

Our customized wooden hangers will maintain its integrity over the years. Thus you will rarely have to replace it. In the case of plastic hangers, we choose to enable durability. We have a wide range of cloth hangers. It includes Coat hanger, shirt, suits, top, clip, scarf, bottom wear, knitwear, frock, tie hangers, jacket, belt, non-slip, and poly bag hangers. We are manufacturing the recycled plastic hangers for eco-friendly and customized hangers by using raw materials and are widely used in the textile industry. So the textile industries need to buy a bulk amount of hangers to display their products. We also provide reasonable rates as per the specifications of the clients. Our hangers can maximize your wardrobe space. We focus on maintaining the perfect size, quality, keep our prices reasonable and deliver the products on the scheduled time. We perform step vise quality checking indifferent stages of our manufacturing areas and confirming that the cloth hanger is zero defects.