DIY projects of hangers

We all knew several varieties of DIY Hanger techniques like knitting and sewing. It is nice to go back to our personal skills and make something nice to our loved ones. The crafting is mainly figure out from the random household objects. Recently, I had an idea about the DIY project of hangers. We all are dumping the spare hangers after it gets older.

No-one is trying to recycle it into any other forms. That’s why I scouring the internet for crafting ideas for hanger. Hangers are of lots of types. Plastic hangers, cloth hanger, wooden hangers etc. Here I am going to discuss about the astonishing techniques that we can apply on a simple cloth hanger. I am always up for a good repurpose projects. So I believe that it will work and you guys definitely like the idea. The creativity turn into repurpose projects.

Hanger as a magazine rack

All of the time we do not need some crafting techniques on hangers, besides just the idea is enough. We can hang more other things besides clothes.  Based on my idea we can create a hanger magazine rack as a DIY project. We can use any type of hangers for this. Mostly, we are having bunch of cloth hanger in our wardrobe. So choose that for making the rack of magazine. Let us discuss on another idea.

Hanger as a Glasses stand

Did you ever think how can we use hangers for a creative idea? If you did. You will definitely get the tiny piece of idea about how our coolers are stored. Our sun glasses can hang on hangers. Magazines aren’t the non-clothing things for hangers. We can hang magazines, glasses, belt etc on it. Let us discuss more about belt on the upcoming topics.

Ribbon organizer

If you are having any of the wire collection or any light weight plastic hanger then you can go with ribbon organizer. The wire hangers are easy to cut, bend and alter. So we can organize various collections of ribbons on it. Using the Ribbon organizer we can keep the ribbons in couple of years.

As a jewellery holder

Hanger DIY projects are amazing and astonishing  | Hangrover

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you will definitely this kind of DIY. You can keep all accessories in a single holder. To make the jewellery secure and safe rap with any kind of cloth on the hanger and place any kind of hanging pop or holder. Then hang your accessories on the handle.  Like the picture attached below.

Wire Hanger as a book holder

Book stands are always helpful for upholding all types of books when you are reading, cooking or any other thing may doing. If you having any wire hanger then it easy to make the book stand in instant of time. All you need to make that is a set of wire hangers and a pair of pliers. Bed the both sides of the hangers in a U shape and then bend the end of both sides with pliers. Then bend the last two inches of the hangers up and then bend the top of the hangers also down. Using this method we can make a perfect book holder.

Dish rack using coat Hanger

We can create a dish rack using the coat hanger. Coat hangers are mainly manufactured using the wooden materials. So storing the washed plates in wooden hanger makes the plates safe and secured. Beside of wooden hanger if you placed those plates in the plastic hanger it is not easy to maintain. The plastic hanger and the water on the washed plates may cause flip off the plates from the balanced position.

Flip flop hangers

Hanger DIY projects are amazing and astonishing  | Hangrover

You can make the use of wire hangers as flip flop hangers. Using footwear hanger you can save the time and neatness. Only wire hanger can use for making flip flop hangers. The procedure that we are used for making the book holder is same as that of flip flop hangers. Using these types of creativity we can minimize loads of space in our room or wardrobe.

Colourful wreath of Hanger

Are you enthusiast in décor the front door or anywhere in your home? Here is an easy step. Turn your old front end into floral wreath design. You can make this kind of wreath in each and every room or you can gift it into others. Silk flowers are one of the most attractive décor items in those wreaths. It is very easy to add some sort of wreath in cheap rate.


Topiary is an art of clipping shrubs and trees in an ornamental shape. The typical wire hanger can arrange the shrubs in a structured manner. You can add the beauties to the front porch by the help of wire hangers. It is one of the best creativity ever in human explosion. You can add any types of bushes into it.

Art work in Hanger

You can craft many art works using a wasted wooden hangers. Paints, glitters, ribbons, stones etc can be used as the secondary part for the designing of such idea.

These are some sort of hanger DIY project. If you are looking to buy new hangers you can get it from your nearby Coimbatore, Karur and Tirupur stores. We HangRover are one of the esteemed organizations of hanger manufacturers. Try to contact us for any mode of query.

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