How Hanger sets are going to change your business strategies.

Hangers, which are not only used for a hanger manufacturing hanging garment but also used for hanging footwear, scarfs, other kitchen items, etc. Hangers contain a vast variety of collections. Footwear hanger, pouch hanger, handle hanger, Belt hangers, Matt hangers, etc. Here in this blog, we are going to take a look at each hanger collections in a simple approach. We people just think that hanger is mainly used to hang clothes only. But apart from our considerations hangers have a wide variety of purposes.

Nowadays most of the shopping malls and showrooms contain different types of sets. They are mainly bought theses hanger sets from wholesale dealers and manufacturers. In India, there is a number of hanger manufacturers and suppliers are available.


Hanger manufacturing has become a leading business in the marketing industry. The truth is people contribute their efforts to achieve their goals. Coimbatore, Tirupur, and Karur are the main cities of hanger manufacturing and clothing business. The marketers give first priority to these cities to start their business.

High-quality stuff is mainly used for manufacturing purpose. Each step of the manufacturing areas they look deep checking to avoid any of the blunders.  Hanger manufacturing is a medium-term process. At first, they seek the order and based on that they start the process.  In the case of the wooden hanger, Cutting of wood and its process, hook holding, polishing are the main task and as well it is complicated too.

Types of hanger manufacturing

The types of hangers include wooden hanger, Plastic hanger, Cloth Hanger, Garment Hanger, Coat hanger,  Polybag hanger, Tie, Belt, Scarf, Footwear hanger, pouch hanger, matt hanger, Frock, lingerie, curtain, handle hanger, etc. Each hanger preparation is different and requires different mechanisms and concentrations. Each preparation areas are covered by special professional experts. Let us check the mechanism behind each of the above.

Wooden hanger

Wooden hangers, its sounds traditional. Not only its name reflects the traditional feel, its look and appearance also welcoming you to the at-home feeling. Wooden hangers are the best and strongest hangers in the changing industry.  Thus it requires additional efforts also. Quality solid woods are mostly preferred to fashionate hangers.

The manufacturing series involves the below process. It includes they collect the tree and cut them into medium sized shape in the machine industry. And again they cut those pieces into small ones.

Advantages of wooden hanger manufacturing

After that, by using certain bending machines they craft and form the bending shape it is like a shoulder-shaped structure.

Then some particular refinement process will undergo. After the lustre look, they pinch the hook at the top and dip it into the furniture polish for sometimes. Let it wait until half an hour. This is the main manufacturing series of a wooden hanger. Wooden hangers are strong enough to hold multiple dresses or high weighted dress like a coat, we dress. Its life span is higher than compared to the existing one. It won’t get brittle or burn. The wooden hangers are available in both brown and black color.

Garment hangers

Basically, the garment hanger and cloth hangers are the same in nature. Both are mainly used to organize the clothes neat and stable. Garment hangers are mainly available in wood and plastic modes. But probably garment hangers are available in plastic shades. All types of the garment can hang in this particular series due to its soft notches at the corners. The grip at the corner does not allow falling off the dress from its control. Conversely, it also maintains its integrity over the years.

Plastic hanger

Plastic hangers are made up of 100% plastics. Mainly, clothing can organize in this way. Plastic hangers are cheaper than others. Mostly, all the garment shops display their dresses using plastic hangers. They also possess high integrity just like wooden hangers. These are available in different shades and colors. The customized options are the best idea with respect to each customer.

Coat Hanger

Normally, coat hangers must possess hard structure because Men’s coats are high in weight. Thus to carry such garment a higher end capacity is needs. Coat hangers are available both in wooden mode and plastic model. The strong hook on the top of the hanger body is a plus point of the coat hanger.

Ploy bag hanger

The polybag its name reflects everything. It is made up of poly plastics like a thin plastic film. It is mainly using to carry smaller items which are less in weight. The hook on the top is made up of pure plastics. It should not cause any environmental damages. Some configurations can place multiple layers in the poly bag to carry specific items. It is easy to carry. We can organize our kitchen gadgets in an organized way.

Tie hanger

Normally tie hangers can carry up to 20 ties. The advantages of the tie hanger are we can easily organize them in the least timing. It is available in plastic. Wooden tie hangers are also available based on customer needs.

Hanger manufacturing sets are going to change your business strategies

Belt hanger

These set also available both in plastic and wooden material. By using belt hanger we can easily organize and identify the pinpoint of belts. Each hanger is mainly focusing to organize the dress sets and space of the wardrobe.

Scarf hangers

The scarf hangers are soft in the outer touch. It is available both in plastic and wooden sets. Mostly scarf hangers are available in satin material.  These hangers are less in weight. Due to its soft touch in the outer layer, the scarfs are perfectly aligning without any creases.

Footwear hanger manufacturing

It is mainly using in footwear shops. It carries extremely high strength because normally footwears are highly weighting containers. These are also available in different shades and structures. Mostly footwear hanger sets are available in cheaper rates.

Matt hanger

Matt hangers are high in strength thus we can hang we matt also. One matt hanger carries more than 1 matt at a time. It is available in the plastic series. 

Handle hanger

Handle hanger is available in all the retailer and other shops.  The main purpose of handle hanger is to carry heavy loaded things. Its strength is the main highlight in the handle hanger.

Here we discussed the different types of hangers and their purposes. Hangers are mandatory in everyone’s life. Hangers are the best companion of clothes. The clothes spend more time with these hangers.

Hanger manufacturing sets are going to change your business strategies


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