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Hanger Listen To Your Customers, They Will Tell You All About

Maintaining an organized closet full of the hanger is an ongoing process and listen. People are busy with their engaged life. No one has time to keep their closet as enact. The organized structure takes a minimum of 20 minutes every day. The systematized structure has a great impression on hanger sets. The hangers are of two types. People typically order the same hanger for all the needs. They use the same one for all the purpose like hanging sturdy clothes, hanging scarfs, Matts, bed sheets, Tops, Pants, etc. Thus the result is instant damage to the hanger quality. Hangers are available in various qualities.

Crucial role

We have to attain accurate quality sets. The cheap quality hanger sets immediately cut back the quality of your garments. Cheap hangers have a too narrow shoulder and it causes falling off the garment sets from the end. The result is mutilation of the apparel. The clothes spend more time on cloth hanger. So, choosing the correct flair of the hanger is mandatory. Most of the people do not aware of which type should use. They considering all hangers are the same for hanging. But it is not. Each and every set of attire has its own suitable hangers. Make space is more than just storage.

Hanger Listen To Your Customers and They Will Tell You All About

Listen, the usage of a hanger in different Industries


Hangers are normally using at homes. Hangers have a certain role to align a perfect structure in the closets and to customize the space. For a perfect look and time saving it is important. We can hang our scarfs and shirts on the hanger sets to minimize the closet space.


The hangers always placed its role in the showroom industries. It is important to display quality clothing in an elegant way. Hanger enhances the perfect outlook to attract patrons. It deducts the creases and crumples on the apparel and gives a perfect attitude. Showrooms always used to practice a different variety of hangers according to the silhouette of dresses.


Malls are just the same as the Showrooms. They also used to apply a different category to boost the outlook of the clothing.

Here we discussed the usage of hangers. But do you ever think about the manufacturers of those gadgets? There are varieties of hanger manufacturers in India. All are manufacturing in an altered point of view. Let us discuss that.

Hanger Listen To Your Customers and They Will Tell You All About

Benchmarks of manufacturing

There are different levels of crafting a hanger. Each hanger manufacturers has a different point of view. Thus, there ideas also different. Some of them craft all types of hanger sets. Some other craft particular types only. There are lots of molding and cross-checking behind each conception. Thus, behind every scene, there are some hard works of every expert. The top hanger manufacturers in India include KKfashionhangers, navinplastic, indiamart, etc. As far as the time has gone the number of hanger manufacturer are also increasing one by one.

Proper procedures

Do you ever think what is the reason behind this? Undoubtedly the answer is the necessity of hanger is increasing. It is because trading is increasing in the clothing industry. Peoples are over conscious about the quality expression about clothing. In Tamilnadu, the best wholesale clothing manufacturers are located in Tirupur, Coimbatore, Karur, and Madurai. Thus the large amounts of hanger supply also dealing within these cities.

Tirupur the cotton City

Tirupur is known as a global capital of Knitwear and supplies more than one branded costumes. It is a small town just an hour-and-a-half away from Coimbatore on the banks of the river Noyyal in south India. It is familiar for its cotton textiles. Coimbatore is known as the Cotton city and the Knitwear Capital of India’. In 1996 75 % of the exports and 35 % of the Cotton knitwear sold in the Indian market was produced in Tirupur. It was also is known as Town of Export excellence to support in the bargaining textile industry. The Tirupur knitwear industries were employed more than 6 lakh peoples.

Knitwear Paradise

Thus it is really helpful for the peoples in and out of the city. The Tirupur Exporter’s association established in 1990 and it represents all major garment exporters in Tirupur. This Cotton City was basically an agricultural town. Many owners of the cotton factories have an agricultural history. Over a period of time damage in the harvest, unavailability of quality yarn, the climate change, necessary for growing cotton made- made the shift predictable. These farmers came into the knitwear industry, learn the trade and became small clusters.

Coimbatore the city of Cotton

 Coimbatore is one of the biggest centers of textile manufacturing in India. Over 25000 textile manufacturing factories are over it. The cotton mills are supplying over ten millions of cotton materials to different brands in Worldwide.  Coimbatore is the ideal place for growing cotton; this is because it is surrounded by the Western Ghats and blessed with the black soil which is ideal for the farming of cotton. 2000 years ago Romans aimed to get a settlement with the land. But that traces disappeared due to the mood of the time.

Trading City

For the traders landing in Muziris, a particular gap is built through Palakkad to Coimbatore. The reference to this important path was written on a rock in Ayyaswami hills that is far (approximately 20km) away from Coimbatore. The weavers in the city of Covai are known for the fabulous dyeing and weaving capabilities. In the 1800s the city established cotton cleaning and pressing units. Spinning mills underwent a bit of success during their period of influence. But it was close to 1930s that textile commerce came into presence.

Listen Here for the procedures for hanger manufacturing

The hangers are the one which spends more time with clothes. The tubular shape and the construction make the hangers perfect. It all begins from a plastic processing plant. Different chemicals are combined to form the extract form of plastics. Thus it leads to a high tensile strength, which means it is really hard to brittle and hard to change its shape.

Then the boiled plastic hanger is forced through the extruder to get the tubular shape. The extruder is a machine to attain the tubular shape of hangers.  Other machines cut the extruded plastics into suitable format just like the hanger sets. Before the extruded hanger gets cool the hook portion on the top also makes fixed as well. The plastic hangers are then cooled and trimmed to get a smoother appearance. Another method of plastic extrusion is cutting the extrusion of plastics and then it will recycle to build more hangers. Listen this method is using less often because the number of excess plastics needs to be disposed of or recycled.

Hanger Listen To Your Customers and They Will Tell You All About

Manufacturing of Plastic Hanger at home

Plastic hanger manufacturing is not an easy step. We can’t able to make as our own. Because it needs some machines like extruder and disposing of the excess plastic is not that much easy. The fumes evolved from the manufacturing time are really injurious to health. We can’t dispel it. We are supplying the harmful fumes into our air supply. Lastly, we can’t cut the hangers in a particular shape.

Listen to the Advantages of Hanger

Hangers are different in size in the market. Thus the advantages also different. Let us discuss the advantages of Hanger.

1) Durability

The wooden hangers maintain its durability over a couple of years. The replacement is rarely occurring. Compare to wire and plastic hangers the wooden hanger last longer than the two. Because we are using hardcore wood for the manufacturing of wooden hanger. The plastic hanger also not worse like others. The hardened plastics are using for the manufacturing purpose.

2) It maintains the reliability of your quality clothes

The hanger has a great impact on the quality of garments. Because the hanger spends more time on clothes than humans. Listen, hanger quality is mattered when it is with garment sets. Quality hanger sets won’t crease or fade the Eminence of the cloth. It always looks forward to boosting up the quality of clothes. Shirts stretch more if it does not hang properly. Listen the wood is the best place to hang shirts. Because the sturdy structure makes the shirt keep it intact.

3) Add elegance to your closets

The wood hanger sets play a particular role to highlight the elegance of your closets. Wood hangers are traditional in structure. Due to its sturdy structure, it makes the clothes outlook perfect and professional.

Hanger Listen To Your Customers and They Will Tell You All About


Listen Here we discussed different levels of hanger manufacturing like its history, functional areas, advantages, manufacturing, etc. If you want to know more or want to purchase hangers you can contact our sites. We are the leading hanger manufacturers in Coimbatore, Karur, and Tirupur.  Apart from these cities, we are providing services worldwide. Due to the less time consuming and on time delivery we are prioritized among the patrons.

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