Coat Hanger

Hangrover is one of the best quality manufacturers of Coat hanger in Coimbatore, Karur, Chennai, Cochin, Tirupur, and Bangalore. Hangers are indispensable hanging accessories, which make the displaying and storing of clothes as organized. We have a competitive advantage of an experienced R & D team that provides us with innovative for crafting variation of hanger designs.

We believe in providing premium hangers to our clients and hence, we are well found our manufacturing with cutting-edge technologies, tools, and equipment to create efficient and durable hangers. Our main feature includes a stylish surface with robust plastic frame and Rust free. It suits for Heavy coats and lehengas. The robustness is particularly important for heavier garments, like winter coats and jackets. HangRover provides solid wood and plastic construction to avoid such limitations.

Manufactuers of Coat Hangers From Tirupur, Karur and Coimbatore Cities

The results of our hangers are extremely sturdy, durable and are easy to use as well as maintain. Our customized hanger does not cause any damage to the outfit because of its soft shade on the outer layer. In addition, we also offer customized key explanations to our clients as per the discussion on the requirement of size and designs from them. We are providing an extensive collection of coat hangers to the customers.

The hangers are available for different sizes. It is 17" Heavy Extra Wide Shoulder Hanger. In addition, to make the most qualified products, injection-molding work also undertaken for hanger creation. We mainly focus the environmental protection raw materials for the manufacturing. Thus we ensure recycling and reprocessing of plastics in the crafting wherever possible. We have different plastic hangers styles available including padded, nonslip, laminated, multipurpose, personalized, designer, luxury, economy and premium hangers. Hangrover mainly focused to using ethically sourced materials to craft solid Coat hangers. Thus we can generate a soft touch on the outer coat. The outer layer’s soft touch is 100% non-slip.

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